Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sting Ray

Sting Ray
Medium plate Sting Ray costs 12SGD.


Chicken Satay
Chicken Satay, 6 SGD for 10 sticks

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


From Wikipedia: "Cockle is the common name for a group of small, edible, salt water clams, marine bivalve molluscs in the family Cardiidae."

Did you know cockles are rich in protein with 13.5g in each 100g serving?

Cereal Prawn

Cereal Prawn @ 16SGD
Yummy ceralicious, big crispy prawns. This plate costs 16sgd with like 10 pieces of prawns inside, cheaper compared to city area where they sell 6 prawns at 20sgd. 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

KOI Bubble Tea

Hazelnut Milk Tea @2.90SGD (M); 4.30 (L)

Finally tasted KOI's Bubble tea in Singapore (Originally from Taiwan).Whenever I passed any KOI Cafe at any place in Singapore, sure its long queue. Just seeing the number of customers served "664" already at around 6pm, imagine from opening hours of 10:30am-10:30pm, how many people are having a cup of their tea from this shop?!

I first time experience a cafe asking you of how much sugar to add to your choice of drink, nice right ? Choices from: Full Sugar (100%); Less Sugar (70%); Half Sugar (50%); Quarter Sugar (25%) and NO Sugar (Healthy). Atleast, once you finish      the drink, you won't feel guilty of increasing your calories from the sugar content?

Nasi Ayam Penyet & Ayam Goreng Penyet

Nasi Ayam Penyet @4. 50 SGD

Ayam Goreng Penyet @5 SGD

Crispy chicken is a bit salty compared to Ayam Penyet Ria at Lucky Plaza but over all, taste is okay especially the
sambal which is not too spicy  for me

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Char Siew Rice

Tiong Bahru Roasted Pig Specialist2 SGD,Cheapest Char Siew Rice I tried. Meat has no fats, taste is worth more than the price itself, best buy!

Green Curry Chicken

Thai Green Curry Chicken @4 SGD at Tiong Bahru Market

Korean Foods

 Kaya Express Restaurant, Located at Glorietta 4, Ayala Center Makati City, Philippines


Kimchi Chigae

Kalbi Gui

Korean Fried Saba Fish Set with Pork @5.50 SGD

Korean Fried Saba Fish Set

Boneless Saba Fish, grilled perfectly, maintaining the fish's texture and served with choice of pork or chicken slices. Can share with 2 people.